Chazan Yehezkel Braun

chazan braun

Chazan Yehezkel Braun comes from at least three generations of Chazanim. He was born in Jerusalem and started his singing performances from a very young age. He used to sing and perform together with his father Chazan Shabtay Braun z'l who was, for many years, the chazan in the Central Synagogue in North Tel–Aviv. The performance of the father singing in harmony with his five sons was unique at that time and was well attended. Now Chazan Yehezkel Braun continues the family tradition of singing and performing together with his sons and with his students who attend the Jewish music centre.

Yehezkel's musical education began with his father, a fine cantor who had very accurate knowledge of the Nusach of the Tefila. He has also inherited the ability from his father to inspire his audience with his warm and authentic rendition. Yehezkel Braun also studied at Bee'r-Yaa'kov Yeshiva and Chevron Yeshivah were he received his Smicha from his Rosh Yeshiva, Harav Avraham Farbstein z"tl.

In addition to his family heritage he has studied in the field of Voice Production formally for over twenty years. He has received voice training from Anton Kochanov and Dov Kaplan in Jerusalem. In Australia he has further developed his expertise by attending workshops given by Professor Richard Miller, David Moor, Debbi Fihland and Paul Nuham. The Bello Canto (Beautiful Singing) Method is also part of his repertoire and is especially used for 'light, bright singing'.

He is an accredited Alexander Technique Teacher. This technique comprises an educational and holistic approach for maintaining a healthy voice whether it is for singing or speaking. Chazan Braun has also studied the Estill Technique which acts like physiotherapy for the vocal cords and is helpful for hoarseness and 'tiredness' in the voice.

Chazan Braun has developed an eclectic model that includes The Alexander Technique as well as the conventional techniques for general voice production. His long experience and expertise enable him to adapt his eclectic model to the client's individual specific needs for singing or speaking.

Over the last fifteen years he has taught many young boys to become competent leaders in synagogue services, reading Torah and trained boys for their bar mitzvah. Since establishing the Jewish Music Centre he has taught many men and boys how to improve their voices and dealt with problems in voice production. Chazan Yehezkel Braun is a recognized authority in "Nusach HaTefilah" and as a gifted teacher of "Chazanut". He has taught many students who are now Chazanim worldwide.