Alexander Technique

Would you like to develop a voice that is richer, steadier, more colorful and powerful? Would
you like to be able to control nervousness and behave more confidently?

If your voice and confidence have ever faltered during a presentation, a meeting, an interview, while teaching a class or during an audition - then the ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE can help you find new ways to eliminate it:

• Learn how to reduce nervousness and build confidence
• Learn how to articulate more clearly
• Learn how posture profoundly influences breathing and voice production.


ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE is a known method for dealing with the aches and pains of modern life.

Physical pain and emotional stress are often associated with poor postural habits. The ALEXANDER
TECHNIQUE can help people identify and prevent harmful postural habits that may aggravate or may be the cause of pain and under-performance.

In this course we teach the principles of the ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE:

• Understanding how to identify the postural habits that may contribute to stress and pain
• Understanding how to prevent and improve poor postural habits
• Understanding how to develop a relaxed and alert posture
• Understanding how to deal more effectively with stress.