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Letter From the Editor:

chazan_braun Welcome to the first edition of the chazanut newsletter.
I plan to publish a regular article filled with variety of items all related to chazanut.

til next time,
Chazan Yehezkel Braun


Chazanut is the art of singing in the synagogue. It is the musical interpretation of the tefilah.
The Chazan’s rendition of the tefilah creates the right atmosphere for everyone present to elevate themselves to communicate with Hashem. So there is an opportunity for communal prayer (tefilah betzibur).  It is a time for everyone to sing along and add their heart and voice to the spirit of the service.
The source of the chazanut dates back to Beit-Hamikdash when the Levites accompanied the service. The singing provided the vehicle for the connection to Hashem.
Twice a day communal sacrifices were offered. At the end of these offerings, wine was poured onto the altar and then the Levites sang the “song of the day”. We still recite these same psalms every morning.
After the destruction of the Temple, the Avoda (service) was conducted in the Beit- Haknesset (synagogue).
Some of the music has changed as a result of the 2000 years of exile. The style has been influenced by the culture of the country where Jews lived. However, the Nusach of the tefilah (different versions of singing the tefila) retain their character from ancient times and can still be heard today in synagogues all over the world.
The Nusach is different for Shabbat, Holidays and daily services.