I would like to commend Chazan Yehezkel Braun for the excellent teaching skills he used while teaching my son Chaim for his recent Bar Mitzvah.
Chazan Braun is tuned to the child’s needs and uses creative techniques to achieve marvellous results.
My son loved to come to the lessons and since his Bar mitzvah he discovered his singing voice.
Thank you Chazan Braun

Annie Silver
12 August 2011

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Bar Mitzvah

   chazan braun barmitzvah   chazan braun barmitzvah   chazan braun barmitzvah

A variety of styles are taught to learn how to read the Torah.  These can be the English/German version or the East European/Israeli version.

The skills taught are transferable rather than ‘Parrot Fashion’ learning.  The student may then have the tools to read any Parasha or Haftorah.

A holistic approach is utilised regarding the presentation of the reading.  This means that the phrasing is appropriate, the diction is clear, the melodies are accurate and pleasant to the ear and it is read with comprehension of the text.  The total aim is to be able to give a confident, pleasing performance.

Techniques that address articulation, breathing and voice projection are taught and any problems in these areas are dealt with immediately.

Should the student and parents wish it further lessons are available to learn the necessary skills to lead a service in the Synagogue.  For instance Kabbalat Shabbat or Musaf.

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