We are also offering the following:

Learning the necessary musical skills for:

1. Gaining knowledge and skills for all types of Jewish singing.

2. Leading the Pesach Seder

3. Kiddush and Zemiros for Shabbos

4. Individual specific needs

Courses in Nusach

The AIM of this course is to be trained to be a confident SHALIACH TSIBBUR in order to
successfully daven musically throughout the year.

This course includes learning the skills and the melodies appropriate for each prayer.
Getting familiarize with the Nusach (Prayer Chant) necessary for the following services:

Nusach for Kabalat Shabbat (Friday Night)
Shabbat by day
Yamim Tovim and
Yamim Noraim.

Special emphasis is made on:

How to use the voice freely and correctly
How to lead the Service with confidence
How to engage the congregants in the Davening.